在卡罗尔, we celebrate our community and all those who are part of the 卡罗尔 School fabric - students, 老师, 父母, 毕业生, 爷爷奶奶, 前员工, 和朋友. We're building this page to share the beautiful stories shared with us. We'd love to hear yours!  share with us here.

If Not for 卡罗尔 Video
If Not for 卡罗尔 Video

Thanks to 卡罗尔 for helping our daughter to love school again!

William Mitchell, Parent

Andrew Gray 卡罗尔 School Alumni Video
卡罗尔 School changed our lives. It made Bryan believe in himself and gave him the tools to move forward academically and take charge of his destiny. He did that 100% and is starting his freshman year at Stanford University this fall.

Michelle Perla, Parent

Michael Precourt 卡罗尔 School Alumni Video
Michaela Precourt '03
Thanks to 卡罗尔 and all the wonderful faculty who taught me, I have become a successful molecular biologist, having earned my Ph.D. in 2012. Since then I have been working on understanding various diseases at Brandeis University and now Harvard's School of Public Health.

Adam Osborne, Alumnus

Will French 卡罗尔 School Alumni
Will French, Alumnus
如果不是卡罗尔, my daughter would still feel "stupid" and ashamed. 因为卡罗尔, she is now in Chile working with a leadership group, she loves literature, and she wants to be a lawyer.

Jane Connor, Parent

If Not for 卡罗尔 Original Song

"If Not for 卡罗尔" Song

写 & composed by Adam Brooks and Patrick Pate

My daughter went from crying every day to getting up early to go to 卡罗尔 School.

Cindy Morrison, Parent

上学校 Student Stories
At my old school, nobody pushed me. When I would say "I can't do this" my teacher would just move on. 在卡罗尔, 老师 stay and really help you.

Lilah Daniels, Student

Gareth Benshoff 卡罗尔 School Alumni
Gareth Benshoff '08

Thanks to 卡罗尔, my daughter is now a happy, motivated college sophomore. There is not only art and science, but a fair amount of magic at work at 卡罗尔 School.

Brenda Clark, Parent

Max Cobb - 卡罗尔 School Alumnus


卡罗尔 has always and will always have a special place in my heart. I arrived at the age of eight not being able to read and left many years later a strong student with academic skills that would lead me into receiving a Masters in Education.

Cara DeRosa, Alumna

Brianne Phelan 卡罗尔 School Alumni Video
Brianne Phelan '06
如果不是卡罗尔, I never would have received this text from my son: “Can’t chat right now; I’m at a coffee shop reading The Economist.” He has graduated from college and is happily working in finance in New York City. 谢谢你! to every single 卡罗尔 teacher who helped him discover his strengths and talents; you made it all possible!

悉尼 & Geoffrey Kenyon, Parents

Willem Hurd + Bini Hill

If you're a future student here, you are going to love it. This place is mind blowing. You're going to want to get up early every morning and say, "I'm going to school!"

Keelin Ercolani, Alumna '18


如果不是卡罗尔, my daughter would have had a completely different trajectory. Instead of despair, there is confidence. Instead of failure, there is success. Instead of hating learning, she loves it.

Trish Greenhalgh, Parent

谢谢你!, 卡罗尔, for being a place where my son can learn happily from dedicated 老师 in a way that is tailored to his needs. 卡罗尔's specialized education embedded in a caring, warm school culture that supports the whole child is remarkable.

Christine Hong, Parent

Max Black + Miles Hammock Isen

Thanks to 卡罗尔 for teaching me other methods to learn and building up my confidence to help me be successful today.

Jolie Gorman, Alumna

Thank You Video 2018