We give each child what they most need - and that doesn't stop in the summer. Our summer school programs for children with language-based learning difficulties cater to the educational needs of 学生— from teaching decoding skills to reinforcing skills learned during the school year to preparing kids for high school.

Summer@Carroll aims to:

  • Give each child what they most need, attending to areas of academic, 社会, 情感, 身份, and cognitive development.
  • Strengthen skills, deepen understanding, and minimize regression in academic areas such as reading, 拼写, 写作, 和数学.
  • Connect children who have language-based learning differences with a community of peers who also learn differently.
  • Build a diverse, 公平的, and inclusive community that values, 支持, and celebrates all facets of 身份 for our 学生, 家庭, 和工作人员.
  • 参与人员, 学生, and 家庭 in practices which maintain the health and safety of our community.
Summer@Carroll 2024 Dates

July 1 through August 2, 2024
(*no program July 4 & 5)

Summer@Carroll 2024

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Summer Camp for Kids with Dyslexia

Beginning Readers
(等级1 - 2)


Summer School for Kids with Dyslexia

Elementary School
(3 - 4年级)


Summer Camp for 中学 Kids with Dyslexia

(等级5 - 7)


Dyslexia Summer Camp

High School Readiness
(8 - 9级)


Summer Camp Teaching Positions

Work at Summer@Carroll


位置 & 小时

Summer 2024 dates coming soon



Summer at Carroll Reviews

Summer at CarRoll Parent Review

"Our daughter attended Summer@Carroll as a Beginning Reader during the summer after her kindergarten year and before first grade. We had identified issues with letter recognition, and she was already beginning to get frustrated with school and seemed to give up easily. We wanted to change this trajectory before she decided that she 'wasn’t good at' school, by finding a setting where she could learn in a way that was more tailored to her needs and therefore could gain confidence. Summer@Carroll was exactly this setting for her.

We were amazed at what they were able to accomplish in six weeks. She did gain confidence and her attitude toward school changed. She loved it there and so she enjoyed going, even though she had 'do school work' during the summer. They also had a lot of fun! Her progress definitely carried over into 1st grade. Her standardized reading 和数学 tests showed that she made progress over the summer, and most importantly, she felt much better about school. Her teacher says that when the class is sounding out words together, our daughter is often the first one to raise her hand to volunteer. She is making real progress in reading and 拼写 words, and that is causing her confidence and interest in school to grow as well. We feel very grateful that she had the opportunity to participate in the Summer@Carroll program, and do feel like it made an important change in her path as a student."

- Ann Marie Udale